Pain is not the fifth vital sign

Yeah, you read it right.. the title. At least that’s what some big fishes in med out there think.

But one thing that’s quite clear is that it all depends on one clinical sense.

Pain maybe be a vital sign… Depending on your clinical sense..

But all in all, whatever your position, don’t overtreat pain .. treat what causes it.

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Always Do More

Ndapewoshali Writes

Always do more.

I don’t think I’ve ever regretted

trying a little harder,

holding on a little longer or

caring a little more than

I should have.

All my regret lies in

not trying hard enough,

not holding on long enough

and not caring enough.

Always do more.

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The Power of No – #01 Steve Jobs

Part 1 of A series of 5 posts that celebrates individuals’ ability to say no and what it means in different aspects of life. This one reflects on Steve Jobs quest for focus by saying no. The post series is written in partnership with Dr.Styls, an instagram based fashion products saler. Be sure to check him out.

It’s very easy to say yes. It’s hard to say no.

To focus say yes to one central thing , Say no to all that distracts even the few good ones.

I think Apple’s design is all anchored on this philosophy, that’s why its considered one of the best.

They cut out other useless features. A phone with one button only, no headphone jack … No big USB ports in their newest PCs. Thats alot of crap out and a very clean design.

So just like Jobs, why not start by saying no to stuffs that prevent us from achieving our dreams?Or harm our health?

We could start by saying no to alcohol, gossips and inactivity.

Set those limits!

This is post is part of an awesome article by Aimee Fritz on her blog, entitled six ways to be beautiful. You can read the original one here .

At times growth will change us. Especially when we begin to thrive. Naturally we will tend to act and relate differently.

Sadly some people won’t like that. They will want the old us, that version of us we are badly trying to better from.

But we can’t go back to the old way can we?

Morever we can’t be in relationships with someone who always pulls a measuring tape out, mocks our progress, or hate our pets.


“Good fences make good neighbors” – Robert Frost – photo by Nick Niemeyer via unsplash

Sometimes we have to set limits with people we desperately want to love, and even leave those we thought were forever pals.

Blum reflects on the bravery it takes to set those limits:

“God didn’t make me quiet and demure, and he didn’t make me to conform. He made me uniquely me….I know it and believe it. I no longer try to be someone I’m not, and I can tell you for sure that not everyone likes the authentic me.”(p. 124)

I hope you will read Brave is the New Beautiful. It might change your life.

I hate Bio-statistics. “Data Dehumanizes”

“the death of one man is a tragedy; the death of millions is a statistic” – J. Stalin

The post title is a bit satirical. All the stuff we do in life these days can be easily tracked and used to create a database.That good right?

I’ve a friend who loves that idea, call him Cats’. Or Mr show me the correlation, what is the p-value, pattern data, et.c. I don’t hate him {He is a friend 😅 }. But what he and most of us tend to forget is the fact that, data is anonymous, faceless, soulless numbers.

It’s a sad that despite of this, many policy makers, and people tend to relay merely on data for decision making in policy and life at large.In attempt of improving the healthcare services we also use data to make big decisions.  Continue reading “I hate Bio-statistics. “Data Dehumanizes””

Humanity in Medicine

The human side of medicine—is an essential ingredient of diagnostic skill as explained in this essay by the late J. Willis Hurst. A few choice quotes:

The history-taking period is when the doctor not only obtains vital clinical information, but also has the opportunity to know the patient as a person—as a human being. This is also when patients begin to know their doctor as a person. It is during the history-taking period that patients decide if the doctor is a robot with no feeling or a caring individual…

The doctor who asks questions like an interrogating lawyer and pays little attention to a patient’s answers is doomed to being a poor diagnostician, because the patient’s medical history is often the doctor’s best diagnostic tool. Patients should know that the doctor cares about them as persons, after the history-taking period is over…

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Pray For The Opportunity

 “When we pray, God’s answer sometimes will need action on our part.”

Evan Almighty is a fantastic movie. It’s about a guy named Evan whom God visits and tells him to build an ark, like the Noah story in the Bible. Evan’s wife and kids think he’s gone crazy, so they’ve left him . Joan, Evan’s wife, frustrated becomes angry with God. Until the day she haves the conversation about prayers in the clip below. —it’s really a great clip.

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Setting Goals Can be Bad!

Every person has Many people have a dream, a vision if your are in a team. Too often in an attempt to accomplish that dream/vision we set ourselves with little chunks of metrics we call “Goals” that we think if we do accomplish them then we will get closer to accomplishing our dreams.

Well goal as performance measures are quit good since they  allows us to track our progress. But not always!!

“What gets measured, gets done”. In other words, measuring a desired behavior tends to promote the desired behavior. However, there’s a dark side to this. It’s possible that the measure actually becomes the target—and that’s all you get ending up forgetting the original dream/ big pictue.  This is known as Goodhart’s Law:

When a measure becomes the target, it ceases to be a good measure”.

Here is an illustration of it.

goodhart Continue reading “Setting Goals Can be Bad!”

More is Different.

Its a quote from PW. Anderson.

While to many “More” often seems like it should be more of the same stuffs, but actual more is different.

Having alot of same stuff is just having one stuff in a big number, but more is when you have different stuffs. Even though i do love fried chickens, i will definitely hate it if I have to eat only that for a week.

Variation is cool.
To be mo
re, be different.

So next time stop thinking of for instance,

More = Money+Money+ Money up to infinity
instead, think of,
More= Money+ health+ friendship et.c

the second equation is better.
More is Different 😀