A simple 3-Steps guide to Success.

“They say life is like a race, have you ever seen an 1500 meters Olympic race?”


Normally a runner for the first two laps would run at a steady pace, only trying to keep himself consistently near the head, or at least the middle, of the pack of others racers , hoping not to fall too far behind as he also conserves energy for the whole race.

1.Run! don’t be left behind.

Because just like in life, some part of the race it’s  just about merely keep going, trying to be a part of the crowd and never to be left behind. and That’s no fun!  but necessary. Don’t be a slug !

And it has been proven that it is at this part of race (Normally around mid race 800-1000 meters )  when the runners might feel  fatigued and  get slow. at this moment if one isn’t consciously committed enough, he could lose strength and fall back.

2.Persist and Keep going.

Endurace is the key at this moment.  When in life, a person meets challenges, obstacles, pain  he/she should know its part of life, and just like in the race , it is a point one has to endure and run on.

Then comes the moment of greatness, when the champions are born. Near  the last 100 meters, there  always occur a  “mad dash” for the finish. A runner who have already run for about 1500 meters, and perhaps tired as he feels himself neck and neck with his competitors and then sees the finish line, he goes for victory!

He speeds up. That energy drag is done. The goal is right there, and all he needs is one last push. So he pushes. Do you push toward your goals?

3. Do a bit more, Push a bit harder.

What separates winners and many of people finish the race but don’t win is not just what they did earlier of the race, but also what they do at the end.

In life’s any activity, work or project the finial moment are critical. If you loose focus, if your not keen, if you don’t do a bit more to win, you will loose… that’s a reality , ask any sprint athlete will confirm that! Ask Usain Bolt, ask any high achiever all the will affirm to this;

” What you do near the end also greatly affect the result.” Its how you “mad dash” for the finish.


This  common  phenomena is called the Goal Gradient Effect. A real effect on many organism not just man. It can be measured!

A Psychologist named Clark L. Hull,  reduced this human behaviour “effect” into an equation that could make mathematical prediction based on rewards and conditioning. 😀


As Hull put it, “...animals in traversing a maze will move at a progressively more rapid pace as the goal is approached.” Just like the runner above, it’s one of many fascinating ways we are designed to work.


 The Goal Gradient Hypothesis has some interesting implications on performace

If you’re wanna take the idea seriously, and would like to learn more on how to harness this Hypothesis together with other psychological principles, so as to start testing it out in your personal life or in your team. Don’t let useful nuggets sit around; instead, start eating the broccoli and outlive your life! 😀


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