Success: A jar of Mistakes.

 “Forgetting your mistakes is a terrible error if you are trying to improve your cognition..
Why not celebrate stupidities!”
— Charlie Munger

I like smart successful people  who admit that at times in the past they were complete stupid horses’ asses, simply because they are telling the truth. Because if one thinks deeply, What is success? If not  a jar of mistakes from which a person commit to-learn from, change and grow?

lets make mistake

I know I’ll perform better if I rub my nose in my mistakes.
This is a wonderful trick to learn.”
— Charlie Munger


It is a regular thing for us humans to lose our way. 

We make mistakes. We do wrong things, plenty of wrong things! May be you haven’t killed someone this week, but you might have cheat. Forget the mistakes people make like stealing and fraud, instead recall on the mistakes we have make by  breaking promises, deceiving others or deceiving ourselves. We don’t open ourselves up to our friends. We see crime or fraud and don’t speak out.

A fact is; my life, your life has lot of mistake-stains, and that makes us bad humans.
Because  Even a good person still exercise poor judgment at times.

In the moments we’re not the friend others deserve, the student the professor wish to have, not that perfect child our parents raised, not the exemplar we wish to be, nor the person we’re capable of being.  We should remember; We’re humans, making mistakes.

It should neither be the end, nor define us in a negative way. 

Just because we’ve lost our way doesn’t mean that we are lost forever. In the end, it’s not the failures that define us so much as how we respond.

On the surface, some mistakes might seem like the end of the world, however, below the surface they present you with the perfect opportunity to learn, to grow and to improve yourself.

Many of us get steered off course at some point in our lives, but what really counts is the choices that follow those mistakes. A teen who gets in trouble with the law, for example, can accept responsibility for his actions, change his behavior, and go on to lead the nation, or he can see only failure and tumble into a vicious cycle of committing ever-larger crimes.

It’s not that you stumble, it’s that you get back up and do big.

It’s not that you did something wrong but that you realize what’s happening and change. It’s not that you messed up as a friend or lover, it’s that you see ways you can be better. Having the wrong priorities is bad enough, but realizing that and refusing to change is worse.

Mistakes are bad, no doubt, but not learning from them or being stuck in them is worse. The key to learning from mistakes is to admit them without excuses or defensiveness, rub your nose in them a little, and make the changes you need to make to grow going forward. If you can’t admit your mistakes, you won’t grow.

Mistakes are valuable. However, for them to be of value, you must first see them as a beneficial and critical part of your life that you cannot avoid and must instead embrace with an open heart and open mind. Who knows, your biggest mistakes could end up turning into your most glorious victories, as long as you are open to learning and growing from the experience.

A friend of mine, curated an awesome resource onHow to learn From Mistakes, that he has permitted me to share here. Feel free to download it so you can step by step  learn how to analyse any mistake and learn from it, read and share with friend

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