To care is to heal

Girl visiting doctor

Last week i got a chance to visit a hospital away from one which am studying. As i moved across the hallway heading my destination, something sad weighted upon me.

The number of patients, the sad, dejected look on most their faces as they queued waiting for services. I ended up wondering if a mere consultation, test or medication suffice to return joy unto them.

Sometimes it’s not medicine we need, sometimes it’s not a mere medical cure we need.

They aren’t just enough, since for us people to feel well, we need to know that somebody cares even midst our crises.

I haven’t learnt quite a lot about healthcare space,beyond the importance of body fluids and basic physiology. Even so i do know that feelings matter.
Caring matters.
Both emotionally and clinically.

It’s not technology, not clinical skills’s not big investments on tools and whatever — it’s care, it’s listening . That’s all.

So if i or anyone ever becomes a clinician s/he must start giving a damn listening to people issues. A genuine damn good caring to people . That’s what we all need. Simple enough, no?aa

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