Swahili is the New Medicine

am not serious.

But in health caring matters.

and caring during cure involve communication.

Swahili is the main language in Tanzania mass. But as a future clinician who is bound to serve Tanzanians why don’t i even know the word for glaucoma in swahili?

Isn’t it the prime time to rethink what medical students learn and do not learn in medical school ? There is still a massive school – reality gap. Maybe clinical years serve to adress that but i still think itsn’t enough.A more direct approach is necessary.

I did a survey last week cross my classmates. 76.4 % of the diseases conditions we just learned, my classmates had no clue of what’s their swahili terms. So dear future patients, be sure to learn english otherwise, I your future doctor neither know the swahili name of idiopathic pulmanory fibrosis nor bronchiectasis! to communicate it well to you.


1. If you are a medical student and you think am not serious what’s the swahili word for stethoscope.?

2. Apart from simply knowing the language, The patient-centered care model ( click to download ) underscores the essential features of healthcare communication which relies on skills, such as open-ended inquiry, reflective listening and empathy, as a way to respond to the unique needs, values and preference of individual patients.

3. I googled translate for stethoscope in swahili, and google had no answer too. Maybe all this argument is a nuiscence as swahili itself barely have enough vocubalry to fit medical care.

4. Result sheet from will be published here soon. Come later to check it. 😂

6 Replies to “Swahili is the New Medicine”

  1. Not every word has its swahili word..let them know the meaning of the words and later on will take them easily..eg. the word “cancer” every body know what it meant compare to swahili word “Saratani”


  2. Wonderful, to me, I remember that day, nlipoulizwa, anthrax in swahili. I was apparently shocked when I failed to respond correctly on what causes “kimeta”, despite being having the anthrax session few days before!!!


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