Hi! Nice to meet you.


It all started with a boy and his blogging dream…Ok. No. Not really. Not really at all actually, am not a ninja (Did i say that ? 😀 )The truth is  one night in 2013, I was putting together a class project. When done (around 1AM) I opened a soda and started playing with Blogger, the free blog platform that this site was once built on on.

To this day, I’m not sure where the name GoodMaisha came from. Maybe I’ll get analyzed one day by a team of psychiatrists to find out. What I do know is that I have always been into productivity, exceeding goals, automation, and, well, finding a beautiful & simpler way for everything. It has become a great passion of mine to write articles here on this blog, as it helps me to deeply reflect on my life and everything I experience. But even more important: this blog makes it possible for me to connect with people from all different kinds of backgrounds, i never thought i would, which is a true honor to me.

This page will give you a crash course on what to expect on this site. But this statement sums it all;

 I believe,  The world is in need of that special gift that only you have.

So, If you have a passion for creativity, good ideas and changing the world being a better person for the world, this is the place for you.


In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

-Mahtma Gandhi

I usually publish new articles and podcasts two to three times per week in both English and Swahili. If you don’t want to miss a thing, sign up for updates and a get a free study notes eBook of the bestseller The art of the start” , by  Guy Kawasaki.

Here are some of the most best things i like & brands am a fan of. 😀 Also some popular articles I’ve written and stuffs i have done, for a full scope on my former+ current good-works and interests be sure to check my e-portfolio, and for technical geeks medical people, take a look at  linkedin profile.

Tools, Rules and Stuffs

1.I occasionally accept guest posts feel free to contact me if you want to post something good here.
2.I will accept requests to promote your product, book, website, service, or blog post. Just simply make sure what you try to promote is worth it and a gem not some piece of junk.
3.You don’t need permission to republish an excerpt from a blog post . You’re welcome to quote me without asking.
4.For interview requests,, chit chat or in-depth talk with me please contact me on my contact page.

N.B I used to self-hosted wordpress for content management, at one.com (I also recommend Bluehost for less robust websites) and my old theme is Tan-X absolutely free thanks to Luca Cvetinovic, this one am currently using is “2017: a gem from Auttomatic.

Special Thanks to;

Generosa K. – beautiful illustrations on many of my blog posts.

Dust II-   beautiful dog that keep me always company.

Luca & Phir Co. –  beautiful coding of the  old site. they are the best!