Swahili is the New Medicine

am not serious.

But in health caring matters.

and caring during cure involve communication.

Swahili is the main language in Tanzania mass. But as a future clinician who is bound to serve Tanzanians why don’t i even know the word for glaucoma in swahili?

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To care is to heal

Girl visiting doctor

Last week i got a chance to visit a hospital away from one which am studying. As i moved across the hallway heading my destination, something sad weighted upon me.

The number of patients, the sad, dejected look on most their faces as they queued waiting for services. I ended up wondering if a mere consultation, test or medication suffice to return joy unto them.

Sometimes it’s not medicine we need, sometimes it’s not a mere medical cure we need.

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Death: It doesn’t have to be boring or the End.

Apparently, “Where will I go when I die?” is a question that agitates a lot of people. Well now, i have an answer to that, at least for some people.

–When they die, they go to medical school.

“Death. It doesn’t have to be boring” (pp 10-11).And i tell you this book isn’t boring.

Dead bodies are not supposed to tell stories, especially not stories of a kind of terrible beauty, nor are they supposed to have a purpose. Dead bodies are just that: dead. But in Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, there’s witty, entertaining, yet honest and respectful revelation on something more than the often macabre state of cadavers: a sort of beauty and importance of dead bodies. Continue reading “Death: It doesn’t have to be boring or the End.”

The Mighty Afternoon Nap

One of my specific area of interest is about circadian cycles and sleep, for about two main reasons: better understanding of my mind and body and better efficiency. Both of them will translate directly in a better quality of life.

The afternoon nap is something that hasn’t a really good reputation: it’s seen as something that you do when you’re old, it’s perceived as a symptom of weakness, maybe even related to something you eat at lunch, and on the work place it’s associated with slacking. But is it really bad? Continue reading “The Mighty Afternoon Nap”

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