Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person we become.   -Jim Rohn


“The soul never thinks without an image”. Really?

unfortunately this quote

“The soul never thinks without an image.”
– Aristotle

Is incomplete and outdated, because it suggests that blind people since birth would not have soul or would not think.

I’ve read a masters thesis that explains that intelligence is not defined by input / output sensory systems but by processing information and coming with conclusions… as thinking is not limited by visual means, that blind people since birth are intelligent and visual input is only one of many; hence the soul thinks with many means
inclusive various without images. ( visual input)

But this also makes me think, what is image?

Is the definition of image limited only to the visual input? Really?

Is the soul same as intelligence?

I need your views please!

How to make Hard Choices

Life has easy choices and tough ones. In an easy choice one is far better than the other. In a hard choice each choice has better qualities. We call them as big choices, but the same dilemma can happen when choosing breakfast! By realising that even these small choices are hard, we can make the big ones easier as we wouldn’t think of ourselves as stupid for being unable to pick a best option– they may genuinely be equally good options.

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GoodMaisha Begins: Personal Branding In Tanzania

GoodMaisha ni hatua yangu ya kwanza katika ujenzi wa sura yangu kamili  online( Online Personal Branding) nilioshughulikia mwaka 2014. Miaka mitatu iliyopita nilijiambia mwenyewe kwamba kabla ya kujiunga na chuo kikuu nitajenga utambulisho wangu binafsi. (Personal Branding). Niliweka miaka mitatu ya kuwa nimesha fanya hivyo. Kwani kazi hio si rahisi na nilijua  huwa siridhiki na kitu mpaka ni kamili (or at its best within a set of constraint) hivyo nilijipa mda wa kutosha. 😀

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