You were Once wild, Dont let them tame you.   -Isadora Duncan


It always seems impossible until it’s done.   -Nelson Mandela

The Mighty Afternoon Nap

One of my specific area of interest is about circadian cycles and sleep, for about two main reasons: better understanding of my mind and body and better efficiency. Both of them will translate directly in a better quality of life.

The afternoon nap is something that hasn’t a really good reputation: it’s seen as something that you do when you’re old, it’s perceived as a symptom of weakness, maybe even related to something you eat at lunch, and on the work place it’s associated with slacking. But is it really bad? Continue reading “The Mighty Afternoon Nap”

The six factors of a great leader

I read today a post by Jeremy Dean that lists the factors that make a great leader.

A good leader has these four factors (Hogan, Kaiser, 2005):

  1. Decisiveness: in case of uncertainity, they make decisions and take responsibility.
  2. Competence: they are skilled and can create good teams.
  3. Integrity: they are able to create deep trustworthy relationships.
  4. Vision: they are able to see both short term and long term, seduce and inspire.

But to reach the next level and be a great leader, there are two more (Collins, 2001): Continue reading “The six factors of a great leader”

“The soul never thinks without an image”. Really?

unfortunately this quote

“The soul never thinks without an image.”
– Aristotle

Is incomplete and outdated, because it suggests that blind people since birth would not have soul or would not think.

I’ve read a masters thesis that explains that intelligence is not defined by input / output sensory systems but by processing information and coming with conclusions… as thinking is not limited by visual means, that blind people since birth are intelligent and visual input is only one of many; hence the soul thinks with many means
inclusive various without images. ( visual input)

But this also makes me think, what is image?

Is the definition of image limited only to the visual input? Really?

Is the soul same as intelligence?

I need your views please!

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